Sunday, July 20, 2014


Snatch 1RM
Muscle clean 3RM
Press 5RM
Front squat 5RM


Tall snatch 3RM
Clean & jerk 2RM
Clean pull 5RM
Burpees + lat raises + lunges 2 rounds X 1 minute each exercise
Crusher curls + Russian twists 2 rounds X 1 minute each exercise


Snatch 2RM
Hang power clean ( below knee) 3RM
BTN jerk 3RM
Back squat 5RM
KB clean and press + pull-ups 1-2-3 X 5 rounds
KB snatch 20 reps/minute X 6 minutes


Hang power snatch ( below knee) 3RM
Clean & Jerk 3RM
Snatch high pulls 5RM
Front delt raises + rear flyes 2 sets X 1 minute each
Ring dips + hollow rocks 2 sets X 1 minute each


Snatch 3RM
Tall Clean 3RM
Push Press 5RM
Front Squat (3 second pause at bottom) 5RM

Conditioning: KB clean and press + pull-ups  1-2-3 X 4 rounds
KB snatches 10L + 10R X 6 minutes 

After some time off we are going to start up with a new cycle. Really excited about this one folks. We will be taking our lifts to a Max Effort every day. We will start off with a bit more volume on week one then transition into a much higher intensity during week 3 when we are going for daily heavy singles. Week 4 will be a working de load week where we change out some exercises for new ones and continue on in the fashion we did for the first three weeks. 

Do not skip out on the conditioning. They are supplemental exercises that are meant to aid our main lifts. Give this an honest shot. You will probably feel aweful at the beginning of this. That is fine and to be expected. We are introducing a new stimulus to your system and forcing your central nervous system to adapt. Good luck and enjoy.